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A debut novel by Iris Karas (mystery/romance)
What readers are saying

I love the two main characters

I love the two main characters, Joe and Elizabeth, especially the way their distinct personalities complement each other.  I found it was tough to put the book down and I especially loved watching the main characters’ romance develop. I also liked how the other characters in the book entered their lives and how they intertwined into this mystery...I hope that means that Joe and Elizabeth will be back.  I hated for the book to end!
Also, I have passed along my feedback to my younger sister who is in a book club and your offer for a discount to the readers in the group.  I will keep you posted on that!
Jerrilynn Alaimo, (Connecticut. USA)

Organizing Elizabeth: A book with a heart

This is a beautiful book, a book with a heart, about what has been called the “mind-body problem”—what we women do when we’re “too” intelligent and trip ourselves up. I read this in the span of a single day, and because it is a textured, many-layered landscape, I look forward to re-reading it, too. Iris Karas is a gifted story-teller who has stamped something important on every page.

—Sarah Hafner, author of The Elements of Style—A Novel

Wonderful characters

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful book! I received a copy of it from you from a giveaway from Goodreads. I really enjoyed it. You’ve left me wanting more. I read it in three I have a toddler running around.

I can't wait for your next book. Are you going to do another book on Elizabeth and Joe, post this one? They are such wonderful characters. I found myself identifying with Elizabeth for many reasons.

I will definitely be recommending this novel to many of my friends. Hope you have another book out soon. I really enjoy your writing style.

—Sara G, (Virginia, USA)


I really enjoyed reading Organizing Elizabeth

I really enjoyed reading Organizing Elizabeth. The characters were so colorful and it was a pleasure getting to know them. I loved how Joe was such a simple man and how he was able to get Elizabeth to begin seeing things his way. For example, when Joe got Elizabeth to look at clouds in a way she never had before. I loved that part! Even though I used to turn clouds into images when I was young, I forgot. This book reminded me of how great the simplest things in life can be and I then showed my 5 year old daughter how to see all the different pictures in clouds, which she now does constantly. Thank you for that. I look forward to your next book and finding out what’s in store for Joe and Elizabeth

—Michelle D. (Michigan, USA)


Where was Joe... when I was single

Finished reading your book! I enjoyed it very much! Where was Joe Laloggi when I was single? I hope his journey with Elizabeth continues! Looking forward to a second book! yes?

—Ania L.(Massachusetts, USA)


A surprising journey

Author Iris Karas took me on a surprising journey when tempestuous
Elizabeth has a chance meeting with Joe... the story evolves unexpectedly...

The scenes are exquisitely described and the characters are rich...I
especially enjoyed reading about how Elizabeth was wooed. I would highly recommend this novel.

—Janice H. (New York USA)

Characters and discovery

Organizing Elizabeth is a wonderful first novel by Iris Karas. I felt myself relating immediately to her characters and unable to put the book down. From start to finish, Iris makes you think and discover through anecdotes and quirky stories. I stayed up much too early in the morning finishing Organizing Elizabeth!

—Hannah Y. (California USA)

Excitement and emotion

Two dynamic and very different people...mysterious and romantic….there is excitement and emotion on every page. Everyone needs a Joe in their life! A novel everyone can relate to.

—Marilyn B. (Massachusetts USA)

Different points of view

Extremely enjoyable! I’ve taken my time reading this book, carrying it in my purse with me wherever I go, and trying not to read too fast, because I've enjoyed it so much I didn't want it to end! I really enjoy the changes in point of view it is narrated from—this kept it very fresh. GREAT BOOK—I highly recommend it. LOVED IT!!!!!

—Jennifer F. (Florida USA)


A delightful romp

Sometimes our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses....Elizabeth’s perfectly ordered world is challenged by the free-wheeling, emotional and intuitive approach of the new man in her life. As romance blossoms, the two become embroiled in a murder mystery and learn to rely on each other's complementary strengths in order to solve the puzzle. The author’s wit, insight into human behavior, and obvious delight in her exuberant cast of characters make this book a delightful romp that kept me turning pages to the end. Ignore the laundry and postpone the grocery shopping: put Organizing Elizabeth at the top of your “To-Do” list and settle in for a great read!

—Joanne B. (Massachusetts USA)

Intrigue, suspense, romance

Equal parts intrigue, suspense, and romance make for this terrific read! Organizing Elizabeth is a wonderfully written, gripping novel. From cover to cover, there are twists and turns that keep the reader coming back for more. A lovely story with the perfect balance of intellect, romance, and mystery.

—Kelly B. (Massachusetts USA)

Laugh out loud

I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed out loud many times and can't wait to recommend this book to family and friends.

—Monica H. (Connecticut USA)

A page-turner

Just finished reading Organizing Elizabeth and I thought it was great.…just the right amount of mystery and intrigue to keep me turning the pages quickly. A great vacation book. I love the characters! They are so colorful and funny and they could easily be the guy/girl next door. I laughed so many times, and I could  relate them to some characters in my life over the years...Waiting for the sequel! 

—Kathy R. (Massachusetts USA)


I just finished reading Organizing Elizabeth….It is so refreshing and fun to read.

—Robin S. (Florida USA)

Characters endearing

I found myself re-reading some parts, just because... I wanted to absorb it all... What a great character Elizabeth is!!  From the first paragraph, I related to her...and could feel myself empathizing with her solitary existence.  I loved this book, especially loved all the characters and the odd situations.…Loved laughing out loud. Not only is this a great read, but it is funny! You will probably be talking back to some of the characters, as I did... 
—Kirsten S. (Massachusetts USA)

Waiting for the next novel

I just read this novel and loved it!! Can't wait to read the next novel.

—Carolyn L. (Massachusetts USA)

A kind and compassionate Joe

Just finished Organizing Elizabeth and was sorry it had to end...this is a wonderful book full of colorful characters and plot twists. This book is well written, too. I especially loved refreshing to have a male character that is kind and compassionate. Once I started this book, I greedily looked forward to going to bed earlier so that I could just continue to read it. Can we please have more?

—Chris S. (California USA)


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