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Author of Organizing Elizabeth (mystery/romance)
Iris Karas debuts first novel

Organizing Elizabeth, released by Hold That Thought Publishing in 2008, is the story of an unusual love relationship between two people who are polar opposites in their personalities and outlook on life. Elizabeth Rice, a highly contemporary and compulsive professional organizer, embarks on a life-changing journey as she comes up against her “polar opposite,” Joe Laloggi, a grocery store owner. Elizabeth finds her personality and outlook on life challenged in a big way by this man who sees life through an entirely different lens. Elizabeth and Joe find themselves drawn to each other as they adjust to their opposite natures…all while being thrust into a confusing and dangerous scene of murder and intrigue.

Hold That Thought Publishing, an enterprise of the author, markets, sells and distributes Organizing Elizabeth and arranges public appearances, interviews, readings, and book signings.

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