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Fearless + Silly + Play = Success

Yep, that’s it– the really important equation/truth I discovered on the path to finding my passion, and I want to share it.  Actually, I want to shout it from the rooftop.

Of course, it didn’t start off like this. I think the (shortened) story of finding joy is always interesting.

About two years ago I was invited to a Stampin Up workshop.  Something clicked. And after learning the basics, I was off and running. I couldn’t stop reading about artists, learning techniques, watching videos, taking art classes, and practicing what I learned. I found unprecedented joy in creating.

Realizing creativity required that I let go of complete control. It was only when I allowed myself to make a mistake (or several in a row), when I forgave myself for wasting (several stacks of) paper, when I gave myself to permission to get silly, to really play, to get ink all over, to color outside the lines, to be messy, to talk aloud to myself about the process, that I found success.

Success is a loaded term and one not one readily tossed around in the creative world. Maybe the term success is dangerous because it’s opposite, failure, conjures up memories of those dreaded red F’s that still strike fear in our hearts. To me success is a learning process that comes from those moments when you don’t succumb to the urge to give up despite wanting to pull your hair out or realize that a smudged oval stamp can be creatively incorporated into the petals of a flower.

Success can be measured in many ways. Joy comes from recognizing the ways in which it manifests itself during the creative process.

I’d love to hear what your formula for creativity and success is.


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