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A debut novel by Iris Karas (mystery/romance)



About the story and its characters

Meet Elizabeth, professional organizer, whose personal life is as compulsively ordered as her color-coded to-do lists. She can't really think clearly without her yellow legal pad and a wire basket full of highlighters.

Meet Joe, about as "polar opposite" as a guy could get. He's spontaneous, instinctive, not terribly elegant--- completely "not her type."

But he's eager to help when it's discovered that Elizabeth was the last person to be with not one, but two people who are found dead. The relationship develops as they search for clues, matching Elizabeth's acute attention to detail and Joe's common sense approach to the big picture-- all while keeping Elizabeth from becoming the third victim.

Is it a murder mystery or a love story? If you're anything like Elizabeth, you'll be delighted to discover that everything doesn't always fit neatly into one box.


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